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 "We Sell the Best and service THE Rest!"

Boss Laser LS Series INDUSTRIAL

~The Pro-Industrial LS Series~ 
Cutting 1/2 to 3/4 Wood & Acrylic
All the Precision Plus Larger Cabinets and Watts
Major Pass-through and Z Clearances
~BOSS LASER North American Distributor~
Independent Representative
~ALL LS Series BOSS Lasers will Run From LightBurn Graphical Interface~
w/ 65 Watt Tube



 Pro Series:  24x36"  to 55x98" platforms -- 65 -200 watts

Located In the USA
After Hours Support Available! 
~We receive the Best Components from all over the World~ 
-Cabinets are European Design -- 
-- Post Assembly & Final Q.A. in the States -- 

All Information here is subject to change without warning, the data contained by the responsible factory website and fliers supersedes all information present.  We do not sell propose built units and the factory has the final word on Warranty and Customer support.

Water Chiller WCS-5000 free with the upgrade to 150 Watts
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