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Engraver’s Choice has created a full Videos Packages for Installation and Training of LightBurn, also includes training data on CorelDraw & EngraveLab. This is a Stand-alone videos package, to be used in Concert with a PC-2-PC remote install and training, and of Course, Full onsite installation and Classroom Sessions. These Packages come with One Subject Color Manual Pages with assign 3-5 min Videos, Command Videos for each Pull-Down and Dialog, Project Videos, Hand-on Videos for Laser operation, Preventative Maintenance and Trouble-Shooting. These give you a range on Phone support and more technical interaction. Engraver’s Choice is a Support center for LightBurn, Boss Lasers lines and many other Laser Products; contact us at 949.355.4000 or email at Sales@engraverschoice.com 
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This is the Premier Service, Sales and Training Center for the Engraving and Sign Industries, Providing Training Sessions, On-Site Repairs and Service, and Installations from Very Basic to Very Advanced. Backed up by Free limited Phone-time and In-depth Video Packages along with instructional PDF Data Manuals ! 
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Support DAV & Veteran Owned Businesses!

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