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EngraveLab, in concert with BOSS Laser, 
have developed BOSS Edition II EngraveLab 10 a complete design and engraving software solution aimed at maximizing the potential of the BOSS Laser engraving system. The sole objective of the R&D of this software package was to maximize a Lasers potential in our specialized industry. The Defaults and Presets all grew from the goal of working with BOSS’s LaserWORKS Graphical Interface, and as you will see we have absolutely completed that challenging goal.  Please call today for a free Interactive Demo or download the 15 day free Trial version.  
Once you see it run, the profits it will bring you are just right around the corner. 

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EngraveLab BOSS Edition II CUSTOM: This customized version holds all the Presets and Defaults for LaserWorks to reduce the number of clicks it takes to send a completed layout to the BOSS Laser to just ONE.

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· EngraveLab BOSS Edition II CUSTOM: This customized version holds all the Presets and Defaults for LaserWorks to reduce the number of clicks it takes to send a completed layout to the BOSS Laser to just ONE.
· Customize Pallet & Positioning Frame: The enhanced color Pallet matches that of LaserWORKS, the advanced Plate Library and adjustable positioning Plate Frame for Precise machining within LaserWORKS.
· Color Matching and Line Weights: We match the Power and Speed settings per color to the LaserWORKS Material Library and Default the Line Weights for ease of visual alignment.
· Enhanced Workspace and Windows SHORTCUTS: The Workspace and Shortcut keys have been customized to LaserWORKS making Engravelab that much easier to learn.
· Seamless interface with Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, and Photoshop: No need to export or import files. Simply drop your graphic elements directly into EngraveLab and interface straight from their native application.
· Vectorization: Accurately convert your artwork into vectored objects that can be engraved as a sharp, clean vector graphic using a variety of Offsets and Fills.
· Page Generator: Find the ‘Keys to the Kingdom’ with the Frame Text Generator’, put text on the screen quickly and control fonts and text adjustments with the Smart Bar; this could not be easier to learn.
· Govern Tool Paths: The Ability to Lead-in and Lead-out Vector cuts, as well as, the starting position of the cut; with advanced Sequence controls to laser engrave, you can start and stop where and when you wish.
· Fluid Masking: Specialized signage uses Masking so you will learn to use it for images into advanced graphics.
· Variable Data Support / Badges: Automate production of identical layouts, multiple copies that contain variable content variations. Design, create badges, name plates, part or sequential serial numbers with variable text & Bar-codes from E-mails & Text files to Excel spreadsheets for both batch and multiple unit plates.
· Receive Instruction in Advanced Shapes: Design and create your own unique shapes using squares, circles and polygons. Easily convert them into whatever form you wish.
· PhotoLaser Plus: Use the Stock Library of Dither Routines and add or adjust this powerful tool for Photo Processing.  Use a variety of materials and see the accurate preview of the plate before lasering it.
· QR/UID Codes: QR & UID codes among a series of other Code sets for Advertising & Industrial Clients.
· Timely Support: We support you from Regional to National -- Phone Support and PC-2-PC instruction. 

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