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RDWorks and EzCad Training Center

Remote PC-2-PC training Sessions
Over the Internet 

 FULL Training & Installation~
Video Packages
RDWorks, EzCad, LaserWorks & LaserCUT, Cypcut & More




 LaserWorks & LaserCut Videos Packages
ONsite and PC-2-PC Installations and Training Available
Engraver's Choice provides: 
· Complete Instruction for LaserWORKS: From the Installation of the Software and BOSS Laser to Project Videos, to the construction of a Control Panels job and more! 
· Easy to Understand Show & Go Videos : There is one thought per page and videos that are broken down into fours sections with a full Color Manual included for print out.
· Full Phone Support: We are very experienced with this Graphical Interface and are backed by a full
team of Laser technical instructors.
· We Teach ‘The Five Steps’: We teach Five simple to follow steps that begin all Graphical Layouts.
· Full Installation: From PC-2-PC, One-on-One, to Classroom instruction sessions at our facility or at your shop.
· Laser Operation: We show you everything from the install steps, general nomenclatures, preventative maintenance, to troubleshooting and advanced Lasering techniques.  
· CorelDRAW and AutoCAD Power Cells: You can quickly and easily drop your CorelDRAW or AutoCAD file into the LaserWORKS Graphical Interface and simply click download; maintaining the Layout and Color scheme.
· EngraveLab BOSS Edition  II: BOSS and CADlink have created a full Graphics Package that contains default and presets specifically designed to run with the LaserWORKS Graphical Interface.  This is one of the most Powerful software tools in the industry and will save you time and money.
· Power & Speed Settings: Specialized Power and Speed settings for all major materials and assignment of  default colors in the Control Panel to match that of your specific software.
· Positioning & Alignment: Powerful Positioning and Alignment tools working with the Font Tool and Array generator for layout ease.
· Shape Control & Machining: Design Basic Shapes and edit them along with the ability insert machine parameters for inline/outline and cut control; you can do vectorization and photo processing as well.
· Simulation & Estimation: The ability to Dry run the Layout on the Screen and check the Estimated time is a major tool in the LaserWORKS tool chest.
· Color Control: We provide machine process setup by color, and are not limited to line weights.
· Sample Jobs and Clipart: We include a full Materials Library, with a set of material and project jobs plus full clipart and samples, all run on a BOSS Laser.
· Complete Features Instruction: We cover all commands of the LaserWORKS Graphical Interface from very Basic to the very Advanced.
· Timely Support: We support you from 8-8 M-F and 10-2 SAT. PST
 – Phone Support and PC-2-PC instruction. 

Located In the USA

Installation & Onsite Training
EngraveLab BOSS Edition II CUSTOM: This customized version holds all the Presets and Defaults for LaserWorks to reduce the number of clicks it takes to send a completed layout to the BOSS Laser to just ONE.
~Works on most RD Systems~

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