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BOSS HP 5598 Class 4

All metal cutting is controlled under specific Factory Parameters is only setup for the materials and area of the individual laser machine,  and are the complete responsibility of the factory... 

 This Hybrid Class-4 Laser Cuts and Marks Most Material PLUS
 Cuts Stainless Steel, Steel -- Soft Steel -- Tin and Laser-able Brass  
with  Gas Assist!!!

Located In the USA

Installation & Onsite Training

X-Series Tubes Made to U.S. Specs and QA and RD Here at Our Factory

--Our HP Units do everything a standard COdoes & Cut Stainless Steel--
**U.S. Optics, Japanese Motors & Drivers**
**Canadian Rails and Belts, European Programing**
~This is an International Unit Built in the USA~

Designed for 24-7 USE
At High Production Level!

BOSS Laser
"Deep Cutting"
--Edge Quality is OUTSTANDING-- 

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All Information here is subject to change without warning, the data contained by the responsible factory website and fliers supersedes all information present.  We do not sell propose built units and the factory has the final word on Warranty and Customer support.

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