BOSS Laser: Metal Cutters and Marking

~BOSS LASER North American Distributor~
Independent Representative
 Process Metals to Mark Un-Coated Parts~
ALL at 150 watts
$24,997.00 for 5598
All metal cutting is controlled under specific Factory Parameters is only setup for the materials and area of the individual laser machine, 
and are the complete responsibility of the factory... 
$12,997 - $16,997


$97,997.00-150W FIBER


Enclosed Cabinet Unit
The BOSS DNE-1530 fiber laser cutter offers power ranges between 1KW to 3KW. One of the most efficient machine technologies for rapid sheet metal cutting for 15mm or less. Includes a US manufactured IPG fiber power source.
 Units up to 170 watts: 16x30 to 36x50 Platforms
We have our FC units at 5 ft. x 10 ft.
Fiber Cutters 

500 watts- 1k-2k-3k
Cut up to 1 inch Stainless Steel
Cut Brass- Aluminium- Copper Etc.

Located In the USA

Installation & Onsite Training
~High Quality Tubes with a Massive Shelf-Life, get  a
Extra In-House Tube -- Protecting for what might be up to 9-11 Years~
--Our HP Units do everything standard CO2 does and Cut Stainless Steel--
**Galvo Fiber Laser that mark @ unbelievable speeds**
Engraving at depth with 50 watt Units

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All Information here is subject to change without warning, the data contained by the responsible factory website and fliers supersedes all information present.  We do not sell propose built units and the factory has the final word on Warranty and Customer support.

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