BOSS Laser:Industrial Class 1 and 4

~LS Series Videos~
~Large Signage to Assembly Line and Parts Making~

~BOSS LASER North American Distributor~
Independent Representative
2nd Controller has interactive Focus for Cutting Stainless Steel 

Tubes start at 65 Watts

Upgradeable to 100 Watts @ $1750 or
150 Watts @ $3750
Tubes  Normal Life 4.5 to 5.5. years of Service

  Industrial: "24x36"  to "52X98"  Platforms  60-170 Watts

Located In the USA
Phone-time Free for the BOSS Laser
The Finest Optics in the Industry, Large & Round with a
TripleThick Coating for Power, Protection and Durability!


All Information here is subject to change without warning, the data contained by the responsible factory website and fliers supersedes all information present.  We do not sell propose built units and the factory has the final word on Warranty and Customer support.

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