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Boss Laser HP Series

All metal cutting is controlled under specific Factory Parameters is only setup for the materials and area of the individual laser machine,  and are the complete responsibility of the factory... 


HP Include:
150 Watt X-Series Tubes
WCS 5000 Chiller
Industrial Air Pump
Air Assist & Exhaust
aserCAD Graphics Interface
LaserCad Video package & Color Manual

 All Boss runs from any Graphics Windows Based Software
--But We Preferr CorelDraw & EngraveLab As They are Easily Supported--

We Train & InstALL FOR YOU TO BEcome

your  OWN Key operator OR tECH!.

Located In the USA

Installation & Onsite Training
~High Quality Tubes with a Massive Shelf-Life~ 
--Our HP Units do everything a standard CO2 does & Cut Stainless Steel--
**Strainless Steel, Soft Steel, Steel, Tin & Laserable Brass (SS)**

BOSS Laser
"HP Series Promo"
"Hybrid CO2 Laser"

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All Information here is subject to change without warning, the data contained by the responsible factory website and fliers supersedes all information present.  We do not sell propose built units and the factory has the final word on Warranty and Customer support.

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