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FC CypCut Support

CypCut working with EngraveLab, & CorelDraw                                                     Plus Most Cad-CAM Packages!!!

We Bring a Teaching Credential and
Degrees in Counseling/Teaching to the Subject Matter...

           This is CYP-Cut Premier Training Center for the Engraving and Sign Industries, Providing PC-2-PC Training Sessions, One-on-One and Classroom Training Conferences, from Very Basic to Very Advanced. Backed up by Free Phone-time  for a Year or Life with Purchase of a FC Series Unit; and In-depth Video Packages along with instructional  Color Data Manuals! 
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We also Sell the EngraveLaband Corel Packages as a To Work with CYPCut.
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Engraver's Choice delivers CYP-CUT Easy to Read, Show & Go Video Packages backed-up by Full Phone Support; additionally offering PC-2-PC, One-on-One, and Classroom Instruction Sessions at our Facility or at your shop.
· One Page - One Thought: There is one thought per page broken down into 4 sections, making it to learn.
· Short concise Videos: 3-5 minute long sessions allow you to watch one per day, adding to your knowledge.
· We teach ‘The Five Steps’: Five simple to follow steps that begin all Graphical Layouts.
· Vectorization: Accurately convert your artwork into vectored objects that can be engraved as a sharp, clean vector graphic using a variety of Offsets and Fills.
· Govern Tool Paths: Get training in engraving extremely fine font and image details, in-line/outlines, order of processing, Lead in/out for advanced vector cutting and more.
· Receive Instruction in Advanced Shapes: Design and create your own unique shapes using squares, circles and polygons. Easily convert them into whatever form you wish.
· True-Nesting: Find out how easy it is to group items like puzzle pieces on the screen into a specific area of a sheet of material and thus save money on material goods and processing costs. 
· Learn Tiling: This divides a picture or logo into tile sections to be applied to a larger area.
· Find out how to do Long-Plate: This procedure, once learned, allows you to mark plates larger than your table.
· Special Effects Training: These commands will give you the ability to create images that set you apart. 
· Timely Support: We support you from 8-8 M-F and 10-2 SAT. PST – Phone Support and PC-2-PC instruction. 

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