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Engraver's Choice delivers Easy to Read, Show & Go Video Packages backed-up by Full Phone Support; additionally offering PC-2-PC, One-on-One, and Classroom Instruction Sessions at our Facility or at your shop.
· Seamless Instruction for CorelDRAW, EngraveLab, EZCAD, LaserCad and LaserWORKS: From the very Basic to the very Advanced, these sessions whether with a Live Trainer or via the in-depth Video Packages are taught by industry professionals with years of field experience, (we even have videos for LaserCut).
· One Page - One Thought: There is one thought per page broken down into 4 sections, making it to learn.
· Short concise Videos: 3-5 minute long sessions allow you to watch one per day, adding to your knowledge.
· We teach ‘The Five Steps’: Five simple to follow steps that begin all Graphical Layouts.
· Photo Processing: The techniques to clean-up and finish a Photograph for processing to a specific unit.
· Vectorization: Accurately convert your artwork into vectored objects that can be engraved as a sharp, clean vector graphic using a variety of Offsets and Fills.
· Complete Text, Design & Layout Features: Learn user friendly interfaces that offer quick and precise ways to complete projects from initial design to final output. Controlling font selection and characteristics, alignment of text and objects on the plate.
· Govern Tool Paths: Get training in engraving extremely fine font and image details, in-line/outlines, order of processing, Lead in/out for advanced vector cutting and more.
· Learn Masking: Specialized signage uses Masking so you will learn to use it for images into advanced graphics.
· Variable Data Support / Badges: Automate production of identical layouts, multiple copies that contain variable content variations. Design, create badges, name plates, part or sequential serial numbers with variable text & Bar-codes from E-mails & text files to Excel spreadsheets for both batch and multiple unit plates.
· Receive Instruction in Advanced Shapes: Design and create your own unique shapes using squares, circles and polygons. Easily convert them into whatever form you wish.
· Manual Nesting: Find out how easy it is to group items like puzzle pieces on the screen into a specific area of a sheet of material and thus save money on material goods and processing costs. 
· Learn Tiling: This divides a picture or logo into tile sections to be applied to a larger area.
· Find out how to do Long-Plate: This procedure, once learned, allows you to mark plates larger than your table.
· Special Effects Training: These commands will give you the ability to create images that set you apart. 
· Timely Support: We support you from 8-8 M-F and 10-2 SAT. PST – Phone Support and PC-2-PC instruction. 


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