Q1e Multi 1422

 Multi 1422 is 6 engravers in one......

“We are Quest”
Support and Training World-Wide

Quest is a Rotary CNC Manufacturer based on the West Coast of the United States.  Producing CAD/CAM Centered Controllers and Heavy Duty Tables ranging from 12x12 to 48x96; we offer both Micro stepper engravers at --8000+ steps per inch to Servo routers.   These are 3 and 4 axis systems with Ball-screws for an insane repeatability of .0161 Microns.  Additionally, we have Multiple High Tech limit-switches to the Professionalism of the Zero Defect wiring harnesses that proves the dominance of this Table and Controller.

         The Controller enlists the highest grade Driver Cards and Power supplies, and is constructed down to the level where we machine and fabricate the cases themselves.   All Programing and even wiring strap connectors are made here.  The Linear rails have 30-60 times more exposure of the rails to the bearing Carts, and are backed-up by top tier Micro-stepper motors, and a Spindle Assembly unmatched anywhere.

 The Drive MOTORS are 18,000 RPM and run up to 5 horse-power with its own Variable Speed Controller.  This partnered with the EngraveLab Q1e Software that features over 600 Industry standard Vectorized engraving fonts from Gravograph to Xenetech, makes this a ‘State of the Art Sign-making and Engraving system” creating its status as a Leader in the Industry.  Each System goes through a 257 point QA Check-list and once the unit is in the field we do a 2 day Installation and training Session that covers all aspects of the system, its applications and the Software that runs it.

MY Team will leave you with Color PDF Manuals and Videos that have the whole course of instruction for future reference.  Lastly, the system is covered by a Two year warranty and full after hours support.  We truly believe we can make this Systems do anything, as our Quality One team of Programmers, writes all the firmware for the unit, and is administered by a Head Engineer and Professional engraver with 30 year of experience in the Industry. 

Engraver’s Choice is the North American and Commonwealth Master Distributor for this Quest Line, Please contact us at 949-355-4000 or visit us on the Net at Sales@engraverschoice.com. Thank you for your time! 

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